New Leaf Communications was founded by Kim Ann King, an award-winning marketing and communications executive and consultant with the proven ability to generate industry visibility and demand.

Kim is the author of "The Complete Guide to B2B Marketing: New Tools, Tactics, and Techniques to Succeed in the Digital Economy," published by Pearson Financial Times Press in 2015.

Throughout her career, Kim has built high-tech B2B brands, helping to successfully launch and build several Internet companies, including EiQ Networks (now Cygilant), SiteSpect, Bit9 (now Carbon Black), Akamai Technologies, and Open Market, among others.

Kim has authored numerous articles on e-commerce, cybersecurity, marketing, marketing technology, and e-commerce optimization. She received an M.S. in Communications Management from Simmons College and a B.S. in Public Relations with honors from Boston University.

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